A poem and some boring statistics:


I've read 12 books in January, 5,764 pages in total.

6 of them in English, 6 in German.



5 Fantasy

2 Modern Literature,


1 Murder Mystery

1 Non-Fiction

1 Fiction

1 Essays


I've heard 2 audiobooks. This count extra because I only count first hearings.


I read 2 books for the A-Z Reading Challenge

and 1 book for the Wimpy Challenge

9 books were from my 2014 reading list.


For comparison: In January 2013 I read 19 books, with 5,665 pages in total

All off the reviews I wrote were from books I read in December: this is some part I want to improve in February.



I got 6 new books in January.

Stack of Unread Books: 788