Reading progress update: I've read 56 out of 553 pages.

The Dragon Keeper - Robin Hobb

A book with history:


It was July 2009, our second trip to London for a long weekend, a trip full of theater excitement because we went to the Globe and watched 'A Midsummer Nights Dream', we saw Jude Law as 'Hamlet' and hubby and me went for the last night to 'Avenue Q'.


Between evenings at the theaters and sightseeing, I went book shopping, doing what I call my Charing Crossing and I bought this copy at Waterstones near Piccadilly Circus, completely excited that there was something new from one of my most beloved authors and book series. After that, strolling through the city, we came to Forbidden Planet and right there in all it's beauty was a sign, that on Saturday 11, 2009 Robin Hobb was coming for a book signing.


What a treat.


So the next day, after a healthy English Breakfast in Notting Hill and a brief visit at the market on Portobello Road, I left my friends and Mr. Gecko behind and entered  a long British queue in a sticky basement. My book is signed now, even if I was much to excited to breath more than my name to Robin Hobb.


I haven't read it, even five years after this encounter, of for me totally random and baffling coincidences, but even unread books sometimes have a story to tell.