My Plans for 2014

I have decided that 2014 should be a year of reading joy and much less pressure for me. Last year started with a lot of challenges, but somewhere I lost against the pressure it put to my reading, therefore I will not do any big challenges, but a year of fun and lots of reviews.

Since 2006 I'm doing my Reading List thingy, I never finished one, but that is as much a tradition for me now as the list itself.


I will also do an A-Z Scavenger Hunt for Author Given-name, Last-name and Title  and it might go on into the next year. I never did any, so maybe it is just something you have to do sometime.


I will do the A-Z Challenge from Sockpoppet and Debbie's Wimpy Challenge.


And I have some ideas for interesting blog-posts not totally book related, but they are so rough right now, that I won't make any promises.