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Gesammelte Werke: In 10 Bänden, 1907 - 1932 - Kurt Tucholsky, Mary Gerold-Tucholsky, Fritz J. Raddatz

The last page read and no words left.
I'm leaving this work of a lifetime and his author behind with admiration and love in my heart  and a warm and fuzzy feeling. Maybe there is only one thing you need to know about Kurt Tucholsky, in words found by his friend Erich Kästner:


"Ein kleiner dicker Berliner wollte mit einer Schreibmaschine eine Katastrophe aufhalten." 

'A little, fat man from Berlin tried to hinder a catastrophe with his typewriter'


It didn't help. He died in exile in Sweden, on December 21, 1935... the worst was yet to come.