Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon, Day 20

Rokal, Der Steinzeitjäger - Dirk Lornsen Die Steinprinzessin - Jörg Kastner, Corinna Kastner Lost - Gregory Maguire

December 20,

I have to take it a little bit slower, I think, because there is not enough shopping time this year. So there will be fewer books the next days, just to keep this thing going... and I can't buy more then maybe ten at a time or my spine will break. Without a car to support me, I have to walk quite a lot with a heavy backpack. But the goal is in front of me, just some days more to go.


The books for today:


Dirk Lornsen - "Rokal der Steinzeitmensch": I haven't read it, but the little 'adopted' grandchild R. of my father in law might like it.


Jörg & Corinna Kastner - "Die Steinprinzessin": This is for his older sister. German Fantasy, and I didn't read it myself. To pick up a children's book there must be a special reason for me, I also don't read a lot of YA stuff.


Gregory Maguire - "Lost": Somewhere on my shelves, way up high, there is "Wicked" still sleeping and dreaming the dreams of unread books. But this sounded so lovely, I had to pick it up... even if I don't know the author yet.


This results in 77 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.