Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon, Day 15

Der Kuss des Einhorns - Tracy Chevalier, Ursula Wulfekamp Das Buch Der Anderen - Zadie Smith Haduvig im Kreuzgang - Ricarda Huch

December 15,

Third Advent, and all I can think of is, how tired I am. To much work and to much trouble with Christmas preparations, it's the same mess as every year. But all this will be over soon, until next year at the same time.


The books for today:


Tracy Chevalier - "Der Kuss des Einhorns": After dedicating this to my books for the open library shelve, which stands at the riverbank of the Rhine, I had to reactivate it as a present because I forgot some people at my work. So this goes to one of the night watch hoppers, who works not just for us but for institutions of my employer.


Zadie Smith - "Das Buch der Anderen": This goes to another colleague of mine. With a short story collection it might not be so obvious if I mist her tastes by a mile or more.


Ricarda Huch - "Haduvig": This is for me and my collection. It's from a high esteemed german author and historian, and I have no single clue what it is all about ;)


This results in 63 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.