Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon, Day 14

Wasser für die Elefanten - Sara Gruen, Eva Kemper Troposphere - Scarlett Thomas Therapy - David Lodge

December 14,

Today was a reading day, the morning was rainy and dark and now its very cold outside. So I did a little bit of homework on a work-free day and tried to read a bit... I'm still not back to my old reading flow. But it gets better, I'm sure. I'm also totally stuck with my reading list for 2014. It's as if I can't see one book inside a whole library. But enough complaining...


The books for today:


Sara Gruen - "Wasser für die Elefanten": This book is another one I own but haven't read yet. But this will go to another ghost shift nurse, and former colleague of my team. She loved the film so much... I haven't seen it.


Scarlett Thomas - "Troposphere": This book I exchanged with the English version, which will stay with me, and it is gone to a workmate of mine.


David Lodge - "Therapy": New to me author but it sounded funny so I had to take it with me.


This results in 61 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.