Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon, Day 10

Die Bücherdiebin - Markus Zusak, Boris Aljinovic, Alexandra Ernst Supergute Tage oder die sonderbare Welt des Christopher Boone - Mark Haddon, Sabine Hübner Heimkehr nach Björndal - Trygve Gulbranssen

December 10,

looking up between wrapping paper, adhesive tape and a little weak in the knees from crawling over the floor, getting all this parcels ready. I'm just for a short interim here to get you updated.

More books to go.


The gifts for today:


Markus Zusak - "Die Bücherdiebin": I couldn't find any audiobooks at the shops, so I had to take one of my own for my dyslexic friend. I think she will love it, it's just great.


Mark Haddon - "Supergute Tage": Another ridiculous title translation, but the first job related book. I liked it a lot, even if Christopher Boon is for an autistic boy nothing like the guys at my work.


Trygve Gulbrannsen - "Heimkehr nach Björndahl": Another of this boring looking books, just to ad it to my collection.


This results in 49 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.

So I'm half way there, time for a "Bergfest". Tomorrow I will get drunk, real drunk... maybe ;)