Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon, Day 11

Die Stimmen des Flusses: Roman (suhrkamp taschenbuch) - Jaume Cabré Was ich liebte - Siri Hustvedt Der Club Dumas - Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Claudia Schmitt

December 11,Today a lot of books will go on their way to a new home. I hope those people do care about them... by the way, I never explained what I do for a living, so bare with me it is a little complicated.
I'm "staatlich anerkannte Heilerziehungspflegerin " (lovely German language), a care assistant or curative educating nurse, working with mentally disabled adults. This means shift work and it means also that we can not meet up very often for after hours or such, because someone must be there. So our Christmas dinner is the one day in a hole year were we all can get together, except for one night watch... She gets her present tonight from a colleague, to sweeten the lonely watch.


But there are more books to come, so here the one for today, but I'm to lazy to write about, I need a shower and some nice cloth. So you have to look them up yourself.


 This results in 52 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.