Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon, Day 13

Das Erlkönig-Manöver - Robert Löhr Die Elfen von New York: Roman: Roman Mit einem Vorwort von Neil Gaiman - Martin Millar Mein Herz so weiß - Javier Marías, Elke Wehr

December 13,

Today we had Christmas Party with our clients and their family, I was a bit agitated at first, because their is one client with a huge problem with aggressions. But all went nicely and they had a nice evening...

Its Friday the 13th, and all I have to give to you today are unlucky books still waiting in my locker to get to their new owners.


So here they are:


Robert Löhr - "Das Ehrkönig-Manöver": Historical Fiction with Goethe and Schiller as Protagonists. This book as to wait till Christmas Eve because this is the first day of work for a colleague on vacation.


Martin Millar - "Die Elfen von New York": This is for another of our night-watch-nurses, she will get it this weekend.


Javier Marías - "Mein Herz so weiß": This is for me, another Spaniard, and I hope better than the last "Zafón". I have not read any other book from Marías, so this author is complete new to me.


This results in 58 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.