Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon, Day 9

Wer die Nachtigall stört - Harper Lee, Claire Malignon Die Brautprinzessin - William Goldman Ghost Stories - M R James

December 9,

Today I did the last book shopping for my workmates, bought wrapping paper and ribbon. Tomorrow I have to wrap all the books up and prepare them Lot of work and I'm a little tired of searching for books, but I can take a break now.


Next up comes more for family and friends.


The books for today:


Harper Lee - "Wer die Nachtigall stört": Who comes up with this ridiculous German titles? This is, you guessed it, "To Kill A Mockingbird", which would translate into "Eine Spottdrossel zu töten." But what can I do... This wonderful book goes to a workmate of my team and I hope she will like it, as I do.


William Golding - "Die Brautprinzessin": "The Princess Bride" goes to another workmate. I don't know anything about his reading taste, but this is so lovely it will do it.


Montague R. James - "Ghost Stories": I had nothing creepy to read at Halloween, so I had to fill this hole in my shelves. It's a bit of a blind shot because I know nothing about book or author.


This results in 47 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.