Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon, Day 6

Die Bibel nach Biff - Christopher Moore Küche totalitär - Wladimir Kaminer The Secret Scripture - Sebastian Barry

December 6,

St. Nicolas Day is there, and I have forgotten to fill Mr. Geckos shoes. Did it in the morning after finding a chocolate Santa in mine. Really embarrassing.

But whining doesn't help.

We've got the first snow for the year today. Not much, but a nice sugar powder covers roofs, cars and the road. Nice, so time to come to the point.


The books today:


Christopher Moore - "Die Bibel nach Biff": This book goes today to Mr. Gecko. He loves is "Lamb" and this is a special edition.


Wladimir und Olga Kaminer - "Küche totalitär": The Author is Russian, but lives and writes in Berlin. He is a funny guy and I think his "totalitarian Kitchen" is a good book for one of the housekeepers at my working place. Maybe she gets it just so all of the others can have a laugh about her style to swing the wooden spoon.


Sebastian Barry - "The Secret of Scripture": Making one self a Nikolaus present is a bit cheese, but I had to have it... and it is for a just cause, so let's just declare that I like cheese.


This results in 38 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.