Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon, Day 5

Das Leben und Schlimmeres: Hilfreiche Geschichten - Georg Ringsgwandl Was wir nicht haben, brauchen Sie nicht: Geschichten aus der arschlochfreien Zone - Dieter Moor The Lady And The Unicorn - Tracy Chevalier

December 5,

Tomorrow is St. Nicolas Day so all German Children will clean their boots tonight and put them in front of their doors. During the night comes than a Santa like character "Der Nikolaus" together with is fellow "Knecht Rubrecht". If you were a good child all year you get sweets in your boot. If not than you get a birch from Rubrecht. This year, maybe, all children are save, I would spare them the spanking and donate all birches to GR. ;-)


So, here we go again, new books:


Ringsgwandle - "Das Leben und Schlimmers": Bavarian, musician and "Kabarettist" which means politic comedian in German. This book goes to a colleague of mine, who has a big brain and a sharp tongue. I think he will enjoy it.


Dieter Moor - "Was wir nicht haben brauchen Sie auch nicht": Written by an intellectual TV moderator, this might be an intelligent and  funny book. I hope so, because it goes to my boss, and he has some standards... and he is from East Westphalia, so he needs some humor.


Tracy Chevalier - "The Lady and the Unicorn": This is the book of the day for me. I already own it in a German translation, haven't read it yet. I will switch them and maybe donate the German one to an open bookshelf in town.


This results in 35 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.