Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon, Day 3

Die unwahrscheinliche Pilgerreise des Harold Fry: Roman - Rachel Joyce Gevatter Tod  Wachen! Wachen!: Zwei Scheibenwelt-Romane in einem Band: Zwei Scheibenwelt-Romane in einem Band. Doppelband - Terry Pratchett Ein Englishman In Köln - Mark Britton

December 3,

Another day, another wicked wicket for my friends and companions. In the next days I have to create some sort of a flyer or something to put it  inside these books. Not sure what to write... but I will find something.


Now, what's inside today:


Rachel Joyce - "Die unglaubliche Pilgerreise des Harold Fry" I read this book in January this year and I liked it. I think it is a good book for my colleague A. even if I don't know if she reads at all.


Terry Pratchett - "Gevatter Tod & Wachen!Wachen!" I love the Watch, I love DEAD and I have talked so many times to my workmate M. about it... and he doesn't have a clue about Discworld so, that might settle this.


Marc Britton - "Ein Englishman in Köln" Saw it at Cash & Raus and had to take it... Wrong city but what do the English know about that. I like books from foreigners about Germany. It's a bit like navel peeping, something like a guilty pleasure. So that's the book for me today.


This results in 30 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.