Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon

Die Letzten ihrer Art: Eine Reise zu den aussterbenden Tieren unserer Erde - Douglas Adams, Sven Böttcher, Mark Carwardine Das Jahr der Flut  - Monika Schmalz, Margaret Atwood Die springende Flut - Pearl S. Buck

December, 2

It's not as easy as it seemed to be, finding the right books for people. Even if you love to browse shelves and like to "stöbern" as we Germans say. But I'm doing a good job so far. Some challenges are still ahead, for example: I need an audiobook for my dyslexic college. But I try my best. But now opening the next wicket and look what's inside:



Douglas Adams - "Die Letzten ihrer Art" Coincidence with my lately written review of 'Last Chance To See', but a good one. Told my cousin last year about this book and now she will get it.


Margaret Atwood - "Das Jahr der Flut" comes from my own books. I read 'The Year of the Flood' already and have no use for the translation. This goes to a workmate of mine, who has a similar taste as mine, so I hope she will like it.


Perl S. Buck - "Die springende Flut" This is for me, because I collect this old little books printed in the 50th and 60th. You might now it as "The Big Wave"


Lots of water this time.


This results in 27 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.