Gecko's Advent Calendar: Charity vs Amazon

Auf den Hund gekommen - James Herriot Macbeth: Schlafes Mörder - Elke Heidenreich, Tom Krausz Tschick - Wolfgang Herrndorf

Happy First Advent everyone.
The Season has begun and we proudly present what hides behind our first wicket in this challenge. Unknown to the people who might be presented with it, except of cause, our selfish little amphibien, who makes gifts to itself all the time... but let's not talk about it.


We move on and inspect our first pickings, provided by nice people who do nice things.

All the presentation relays heavily on your confidence, so be quiet about it.


James Herriot - "Auf den Hund gekommen" bought at Oxfam and goes to my dear mother-in-law. She loves dogs and might even read it aloud to Maya and Moritz, the little Yorkshires she cares so much about.


Elke Heidenreich - "MacBeth - Schlafes Bruder" comes from my own books. I did read it this year and it didn't do anything for me. So it can move on and maybe make my second boss a little happier then me. She likes her politics a little bit on the nose.


Wolfgang Herrendorf - "Tschick" this book is for me. I wanted it for a long time and got it now from "Cash & Raus". It looks new and smells new and for 1€ it was a lot cheaper than at this online bookstore, that causes so much grieve.


This results in 25 books from Charity against 95 Books from Amazon.

Tomorrow we will open a new wicket, with more books ;)