Charity Against the Owner of Goodreads

Christmas is knocking at our doors and now I have a reason for the season.
After rearranging my bookshelves due to the new censorship laws, it became very obvious to me that Amazon is not going to earn a lot from me.

I'm a huge book nerd with little money and most of my books I buy on flee markets, special book markets with huge piles of returned books, or supporting the local bookshops.

But to my shame I have sometimes bought Amazon books, I bought more from them ever, than in any charity. That's not okay for my moral compass. But what to do about it? Hm...

I know, I like to challenge my self.
I'm going to bye more books in charity shops then I have ever bought from Amazon. I don't know how long it will take me, but I will try it. One rule only: it has to be a book I always loved or some I wanted to read.

That makes 72 Books to search and buy.

Half of the Books I will give as Christmas presents to people I love and care about, with a note why I do this... The other half is for me and my endless TBR- shelf (no longer visible for those amazon spys and censors)

If you want to join, feel free to do so. You can set your own tickers with your own goals...
It is more about the thought than huge goals. You might also like to spread the word, so reblogg.


I will sent updates out about every book I bought and every present I made.