Goodreads Bad Attitude: a rambling review

Most of the time I'm a quiet user of this side. I catalog my books or edit some data as a librarian, participate in groups, all without much fuzz.
But at the moment I'm really angry, and I wish I could use my native language to tell you really politely and with as much snark as I could bring to the table, what I really think about you, my dear GR Staff and Owners.

Nearly to month ago you changed the rules about shelving and you don't think it might be a good idea to inform the people about it?
I was absent, because I had other things to do and care about. But a short e-mail would have been enough to inform me and probably a lot of other members to. how many people are members of Feedback? 20 Million? I doubt it.
In this 2 month I got mails about author-life-chats and newsletter.
One more would have been enough.
But no.
Nothing.... crickets.

Do you really think that it is okay for me, if a shelf of mine gets deleted, because new rules applied, and I didn't even know about them?
Rules, I have now found, and read that didn't exist before I left. Rules that from now on take away the freedom to shelve my books however I wanted. Which was before over and over again stated, from GR Staff, is totally fine.

You can't bring yourselves to do it, can't you?
A little announcement.
You think it is completely fine to make some really sparely posts in a group and let users deal with it on there own, as you nearly always do.
Whats up with support here?

Yes, what is up with support and the useful Feedback Forum.

I remember the Ugly Green Button debate, long discussions about reviewers safety from abuse through commentators on reviews, and the great overtake from Amazon... with a lot of more or less "nothing" as an answer.
The Ugly Green Button is still ugly and green... and you had to change the to-read shelf to mean something entirely different. Why? Because you thing obnoxious makes more hits? I recommend to change it into flaming orange or red, make it so annoying that everybody hits it just to make the color go away. It's not important if anything on user shelves is real, this is cyberspace... all that's important are hits, advertising sells and
Abuse from commentary on reviews can't be just put on and off for one review alone... it's either all reviews or none. Yes, I remember, it's to complicated. I don't believe that, you are either lazy or not really interested in input that would this side make more comfortable for all users.

Also I don't believe that you can enforce your new shelving policy fairly... It's just there to make this side more streamlined for your big Amazon deal and the "oh so precious vanity-authors" who can't hold there own shit together and stay away from the commentary places.
But this is not the end, GR's own adds state that more than 45% of this community are from all over the world. Not all native English speakers. What's up with that and your new policy? Can you make sure and state with confidence that none of this users abuse your no-bad-words-against-authors-in-shelves rule? How many languages do you speak?
Shelves with acronyms got deleted... are you really sure they mean what you think they mean?
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bajuwarische Befreiungsarmee
Biologische Bundesanstalt
Botswana Badminton Association
Bussi Bär Award
Beautiful, Bardic & Amazing

That's BS, my dears.
As is the reinforcement of completely fine rules which are actually long set in your ToS.
If abuse happens flag it.
Nothing more is needed.

20 million users a huge number, makes good money I think... but how long will this number be growing? You know that Capitalism is all about growth, do you?

If you had wrote a little mail, maybe I would have read it and accepted it, felt a little bit sorry for the people who left because of it and all would be going to normal a short time after this.
But you know the answer, you couldn't do it.

If all people know of it, maybe some more people who like there right of free speech, or have here and only here the right to do so, because they live in a land far far away, which has no right of free speech and a little less of butt-hurt authors. How nice from a company from the Land of the Free to deny them the right of informed decisions.

Maybe they would leave the sinking ship in hordes and the numbers would drop enough to make GR really look bad? Little unsullied BookLikes looks better, me thinks... my data is already saved.

I know, I'm unworthy. Thanks a lot, you don't need to answer to this post, and I don't want my librarian edits back. Make some money with it.
I edited my shelves a little, no author mentioned and my account is know only there to amuse my self with it.

Close the thread if you like... but no need to sent me to the announcement thread. I already found it and will make myself comfortable as the 6207 post... or something closely related.

Rambling off, finis.
Yours unfaithfully,

PS: I never broke any rule. New or old.


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